Today is a GREAT day for a crockpot meal, and this beef stew that isn’t really beef stew is absolute perfection.

Today is gonna be yet another busy, eventful day in the life of a toddler mommy. Tonight we get to go see my boy in his Christmas play for school! This morning after not much sleep last night, my husbands nanny has my baby girl because I had to have my mother in law at her doctor’s office for a small procedure. Ya know, I don’t know how people with kids (especially babies/toddlers) can live states away from any of their relatives if you’re one of those parents, you deserve an award. Especially the stay at home moms, like my new friend I told y’all about the other day, Brooke, girl, you’re my hero. I was ALWAYS that blissfully ignorant person with no kids that would be in public all judgey thinking ‘oh my gosh, can you please control your child’ HA! That’s hilarious now, like, no, you can’t control the tiny angry human that doesn’t want to sit in her highchair at a restaurant. But, karma got me and now my kid is one of those kids. Thankfully she’s pretty stinkin cute so that gets me a free pass from judgement occasionally, and that’s not just my biased opinion, she’s adorable, the problem is that she knows it and we’re only 13.5 months into her life. Anyway, now that I’ve rambled about something that has NOTHING to do with this recipe, y’all ready to talk food? This recipe is straight out of MY kitchen so y’all gotta let me know what you think! The beauty of crockpot recipes are that you can literally set it and forget it, well for a few hours anyway, and anyone could make this one. Also, when I say anyone, I mean even my husband who can’t cook to literally save his life, but that’s a story for another post. This recipe doesn’t really have a name, but, it’s the beef stew meat, so I guess we can call it beef stew but if you’re from the south, don’t take this to your granny’s house and tell her you made beef stew, ‘cause you’ll get told. Even though it’s not really beef stew, let’s get to the actual recipe, shall we?

No fail beef stew (kinda)

Recipe Type: dinner
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 4 hours on high 8 hours on low
1. 2 packs of beef stew meat (or one large pack)

2. 1 packet of Lipton onion-mushroom dry soup mix

3. 1 can of cream of mushroom soup

1. In a small bowl, mix together cream of mushroom soup and dry soup mix

2. The soup mixture needs to be pourable, add about 4oz of water if needed

3. Set your crockpot to desired heat level (high or low) and add in beef

4. Pour the soup mixture over the meat and leave it alone for the next 4-8 hours


If you have a crockpot but hate to clean it, my mother in law got me hooked on these crockpot liners, it keeps the food from sticking and they’re reasonably priced. This is definitely a recipe I would suggest them for considering the soup mixture can stick to the sides and it’ll be there until you soak it overnight. Also, if you’re not lazy, you can add some fresh mushrooms in and cook them with this and it would be fantastic. You don’t have to like mushrooms to like this either, my 9 year old little cousin LOVES this stuff and he doesn’t like mushrooms. Pictures and side dish recipes coming later 🙂

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