Monkey bread that all your monkeys will love

Mommies, have you ever had a moment where you step back and look at your life, only to realize that, this in fact is your circus and those are your monkeys? Well, on days like those where you don’t even want to claim your husband, let alone your kids, this monkey bread recipe and a strong cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice, because, toddlers) will make everything better. Alright, it’s not a miracle recipe, but, it’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself. This is one of my favorites in the sense that EVERYONE loves it, when my husband and I lived in Nashville, I ended up having to print this recipe off for several coworkers of mine. This particular recipe is one that will be making an appearance at my personal Christmas Day brunch, and I cannot wait! Here goes! Let me know what y’all think!!

The best monkey bread ever

Prep time: 20-30 minutes

Cook time: 18-25 minutes

Total time: 55 minutes


1. 4 cans of 7.5oz refrigerated biscuits

2. 1 stick of salted butter

3. 2/3 cup light brown sugar

4. 1 cup of pecan halves

5. 4 tbsp of cinnamon

6. 1 tbsp of nutmeg

7. 2 cups of granulated sugar

8. 2- 8oz blocks of cream cheese

9. 2 tsp vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 400°f

2. Combine butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, and 2 tbsp cinnamon in small saucepan over medium heat, bring to a boil then remove from heat whisking until thick and well combined

3. In a bundt pan, add pecan halves to the bottom as well as enough of the liquid to coat the pecans

4. In a small bowl combine 1 cup of granulated sugar and 2 tbsp cinnamon and mix well

5. Combine softened cream cheese, vanilla extract and 1 cup of granulated sugar, using an electric mixer mix until light and fluffy

6. Flatten biscuits and add a small amount of the cream cheese mixture then form them into balls

7. Roll the biscuits in cinnamon sugar mixture and start adding to the bundt pan until the bottom is no longer visible

8. Repeat steps 3 and 7 until the pan is full, try to end with the sauce mixture and pecans

9. Bake at 400° for 18-25 minutes or until a dark caramel color

10. Let cool for 5-10 minutes then invert onto a plate for serving


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