This twist on chicken pad thai was way out of my comfort zone but totally worth it


Let me start this off by saying that I had and still have NO clue what I’m doing in the world of Indian and Thai cuisine, but, I love the spicy-sweet flavors. Now, before I even start to talk about the recipe, you should know that I completely made up this recipe with suggestions from the back of my curry paste container. Also, know that this is probably an incredibly Americanized version of this dish and I’m sure that this is nowhere near the correct way to prepare any of this. However, that being said, my family and I loved this version and it’s the flavors that work for my family and our flavor preferences. I chose to serve this with homemade naan bread and it was amazing, for those that are unfamiliar with it, it’s similar to a pita bread but better. Now that I’ve disclaimed the entire thing, let’s get to the ‘recipe’! Y’all let me know what you think!


Chicken Pad Thai 
1. 2 cups heavy whipping cream

2. 6 tsp red curry paste

3. 1 tbsp light brown sugar

4. 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts

5. 1 pack of rice noodles

6. 2 tbsp olive oil

7. 1 tbsp of dried, minced onion

8. Dried or fresh parsley for garnish

1. Cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces, cook in the pot you wish to use to cook the noodles on medium-high heat until slightly browned on one side, add minced onion and salt to taste, set chicken aside

2. Add 2 cups of warm water to pot, bring to boil, add noodles and remove from heat, let the noodles stand for 10 minutes, you want them to be soft but still firm

3. Remove noodles from pot and rinse with cold water in a colander and set aside

4. To the same pot, add heavy whipping cream, brown sugar, and curry paste, whisk while bringing to a boil

5. Add in cooked chicken and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes while stirring, add rice noodles and toss together until noodles are coated with curry sauce

6. Serve with naan bread, store bought or homemade you can see the recipe I personally used for this here



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