Guilt free pie recipe for the days when you just ‘can’t’ anymore

Let me tell y’all how I just can not with my toddler lately. I didn’t really know the meaning of being a toddler mommy until the other night when my husband asked me with a tone, why I would leave the open container of applesauce (that me and my daughter fought about her not eating) on the counter rather than throwing it away. Obviously that was like the straw that broke the camels back that day, because it made me so irritated that he asked me that, not because it wasn’t relevant, because, he WATCHED me argue with a 15 month old over applesauce earlier that same day. I picked up the applesauce container to irrationally use it as part of my argument, and you know what happened…… I freakin dropped it. If you’ve never dropped an open applesauce cup, count your blessings… this crap went literally everywhere, hear me when I say this people, EVERYWHERE. Well…. obviously I looked like a moron after I made that big of a mess, but ANYWAY. I made this pie, and it’s part of our low carb diet, but it doesn’t taste like diet food. I think my favorite part of this particular recipe is you can pick any flavor you want, I’ll explain it more in a second. Also, this recipe was approved by my hubby and baby girl, so, it must be good! Once again, my amazing mother in law made this and I hijacked her recipe for it, thanks Steph! Anyway it’s pretty amazing and I absolutely intended on this being a staple in my fridge. If you’re looking for a dessert that you won’t have to feel guilty about, look no further than this. It’s seriously just the best. But, y’all gotta trust me, because you’re going to read this recipe and think I’m absolutely insane, which, maybe, but, I’m right about this. The best part is it’s only 3 ingredients, rejoice busy moms everywhere. Disclaimer; never said it was pretty, I said it was good. Ready to try it out? Here goes!

Guilt Free Icebox Pie



1. 28oz Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt it HAS to be this one or it’ll be lumpy and not fantastic

2. 1 box of sugar free jello- any flavor, we like strawberry

3. 1 container of sugar free cool whip thawed



1. Combine yogurt and jello packet and mix

2. Heat the mixture in 30 second intervals stirring in between until the jello crystals are mostly dissolved

3. Pour mixture into a pie dish (I recommend spraying lightly with cooking spray) and refrigerate until set

4. Top with the cool whip and serve


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